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Darla gets a new family

Kathy and Darla

Gary and Darla

I'm so glad to hear that everyone is having fun with their Catahoulas. I had never heard of the breed before but it's definitely one of my favorites now. Sounds like all the puppies have a sense of humor and are somewhat goofy or silly and have as much personality as Darla does. It's interesting that Darla is not the only one that steals food. If you listen to her, she never gets fed, but if you look for her ribs, they are hard to find. Hmm, who's telling the truth?

Once she was feeling better after heartworm treatment, Darla would check out the counters in the kitchen. If there was anything edible, it was gone and if it wasn't edible, she would somehow place it on the floor and check it out. She would never destroy anything and if it was a basket with something in it, nothing was ever spilled, not even any teeth marks on it from grabbing it and moving it to the floor. My favorite was a rubbermaid bin of tools that belonged to Gary. It had to weigh at least 10 pounds and was sitting on my kitchen counter. We ran to the store and when we came home the bin of tools was sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor with every tool in it's place. I have no idea how she got it down to the floor. She's very curious and likes to know what everything is.

She definietly has a mind of her own. The only problem I have is when she gets into something, it's hard to fuss at her while I'm giggling!!



Getting her shape back

Darla Meets Scooby, a Chocolate Lab

Teeth to teeth,
but nobody gets hurt

Christmas time

Christmas presents

Abbey (Top)

Scooby (Left)

and Darla



Darla Sleeps!

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