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Here are some of the attributes of Darla and the pups.

Thanks to Terry Sullivan, for getting this idea started
























Ears - Were dirty at first, but they are clear now
Dermal - Has no problems
GI - Will eat anything, must keep all food out of her reach and climbing abilities. Will only peel paint if she eats other than her regular dog food. Puppies must get this from their father!
Teeth - Has a gap that I thought was a missing tooth on her lower jaw, but noticed that some of the pups have this too. Loves rawhide to the point of being obnoxious if disturbed while chewing it. She will snarl at anyone who gets too close while she has rawhide, but will share food and all other toys. We are working on our rawhide personality.

Guarding - Sits in the front window and barks at all who walk by. Would not let a door to door salesman near me when he approached us while out front...good girl!! (I don't open my door to them). I don't know what the difference was from him to just general people walking down the street. She normals greets all with enthusiasm. Glad she knows the difference!
Energy - Short burst of wild energy, to play, run and be funny. Generally only lasts 15 minutes.
Separation Anxiety - Doesn't appear to have any. She does well all day by herself. She had a swallowing issue when I first got her and when that flairs up, she eats the curtains by the front window. Did xrays and all is normal, so we attributed it to anxiety of all the adjustments she was going through when I had first gotten her. However, it flared up a bit last night. hmmm But that was while I was at home.
Bathability - Avoids all water when possible, except to drink. She must be dragged or carried into the shower, but stands still and endures once in there. If it's raining outside, she will choose to hold it.
Communication - Barks, whines, groans and will poke you with her nose to get your attention. Will not be ignored.
Personal space - She loves her beds, yes that's plural. Her toys are usually all around the perimeter of her bed, not all over the house. My next project is to get her a toy box and teach her to put them away. Should be interesting.
Kids - Loves anyone that will pet her.
Problem Solving - Very good. Will climb or open snap tight containers if they have food in them. She pulls her leash off the wall while I'm away at work and she has learned to "find her leash" for me so I can take her out. She brings it to me, drops it and waits for me to clip it on, then off we go!

Swimming - No thanks, that involves water.
Running - Very fast when chasing Abbey around the house or the back yard.
Fetching - Will fetch her soft toys about three times. If you throw it after that, she pokes me with her nose and barks at me as if to say "why do you keep doing that?"
Catching - huh?? Won't run until the toy has left your hand.
Jumping - will stand on her back legs, but haven't seen any jumping.
Agility - Has managed to climb chairs to get to food. Will stand on the back of the sofa like a billy goat to look out the window at Gary's house. His window doesn't go to the ground like it does at my house.
Stamina - Will stay awake as long as there is something interesting going on. When playing, only about 15 minutes. When walking, as long as I walk. I guess she adjusts to the situation. Breathes heavily when sleeping, but no real snoring. Just sounds like a monster lurking by the bed.















Ears - get very dirty and infected often. Require constant attention
Dermal - has a few small semi-bald patches on face that were worse when he was a puppy
GI - well, just don't point his rear end towards any painted surfaces if you know what I mean...

Guarding - will bark at strangers and advance to within about 10 feet of them, then wag his tail.
Energy - medium. he is always up for a walk or a fight with Roma, but he likes his down time too
Separation Anxiety - none for his parents, but he strongly misses Roma when she is not around
Bathability - does not like to get washed, but he will not run away
Communication - whines, grunts, and sighs fairly often to convey emotions
Personal space - likes to be around people and sleep touching them
Kids - seems disinterested, but will allow for petting and hugging
Problem solving - low. he waits for roma to retrieve balls from under chairs and push doors open for him

Swimming - strong swimmer, will jump into the water off of land or a ledge
Running - medium speed, runs like a horse with loud footsteps
Fetching - will fetch ANYTHING and bring it right back
Catching - pretty good. he can pick a ball out of the air, but is no great shakes with a frisbee
Jumping - POOR. he rears up on front legs, then jumps and then pulls himself up with front legs
Agility - huh?
Stamina - can run for at least an hour and a half behind mountain bikes...




















Ears - also get very dirty, but not infected. She's always flapping her ears side to side.
Dermal - no problems
GI - Daisy definitely gives new meaning to "natural gas" ~ the type of dog food doesn't help & the scent lingers a while.
Bladder control - amazing, she can "hold it" forever.
Appetite - eats anything! Loves cleaning up after our 2 year old, we call him Daisy's food source.
Teeth - chews anything & everything. Loves rawhides & stuffed animals (also furniture, shoes, walls, whatever, haha)

Guarding - is protective of the whole family, but especially the 3 kids
Energy - has calmed down with "age" but still has plenty of energy
Separation Anxiety - doesn't seem to bother her, but she's not left alone very often
Bathability - does not like baths
Communication - barks (like we couldn't tell from the reunion, haha) and squeaks so sweetly every time she yawns. Also moans when we rub behind her ears.
Personal space - likes to have her own space somtimes
Kids - loves our 3 kids and is so protective of them. We can't even play fight without her getting upset.
Problem solving - high, we had to change the doorknob in her room (the laundry room) as she could open the door. Now, she uses the door stop and pops the door off the bottom hinge to try to get out.
Other dogs - likes to play with other dogs, she gives the German Shepard (who is huge) next door a run for his money several times a week
Affection - she is such a lover, she has to snuggle & nibble on my ear every morning
Sleep habits - a very good sleeper, but likes to sleep on someone's feet at night. She thinks all the beds & furniture belong to her, she does not normally sleep on the floor.

Swimming - doesn't care for water, but I've read that their webbed feet make them great swimmers.
Running - fast, very fast ~ can not be caught when she is loose.
Fetching - she enjoys fetching a tennis ball
Catching - ok, but not her favorite thing to do
Jumping - good, as a puppy she would jump out of her pen and now can jump the neighbor's 4 foot wooden fence.
Agility - pretty good, she can dodge anyone trying to catch her when she gets loose.
Stamina - high, can run & play for a long time














Ears - Floppy, floppy, floppy... otherwise very clean.
Dermal - no problems
Bladder control - Improving daily.
GI - can eat everything and anything... paint peeling rear end as well. They must get this from their Dad.
Teeth - One smoked femur, four Nylabones, one dining room chair and any fluff he can find.

Guarding - very friendly to family friends. Takes his cue from his big sis, Sissy.
Energy - Full of it with trickle charges (power naps).
Separation Anxiety - Does not want to be away from his family or Sissy. Does not
like to be alone. Howls
Bathability - NO!
Communication - growls and whines like a girl
Personal space - None, he is always in someone else's space aka Space Invader. Needs to be in your lap at all times.
Kids - Loves his kids. Very protective. Will bite his father when he's play fighting with the kids.
Problem solving - Problem? What problem? Have you seen my brain?

Swimming - NO!
Running - Only when chased, otherwise very fast, but doesn't understand the slipperiness of tile or linoleum
Fetching - Just learning, will go get something but won't bring it back unless food is involved.
Catching - see fetching.
Jumping - Just learning that he can. Still test piloting this.
Agility - No. Again doesn't understand tile or linoleum.
Stamina - Can go all day with power naps and then major snoring at night.

















Ears – Big and Goffie but cute
Dermal – has to eat lamb and rice food or will itch
Bladder control - very good / lets mommy know when she has to potty
GI – It must be good/ She as eaten 4 leather leashes and 2 pairs of my clogs entirely .
Teeth – White with a few still coming in .

Guarding – Very protective of me and not sure of strange men
Energy – No Stop Running machine
Separation Anxiety – She is so bad when let at the doggie day care but great when left at grandmas
Bathability - Great with the groomer ( they Give Her treats!)
Communication – talks to me all the time when she knows I am going out with out her / squakes and makes funny sounds
personal space - None, she has to be next to me all the time / right up on my lap or with her head in my neck
kids – Loves playing with bigger kids not sure of small children
problem solving – I can’t keep her out of anything, has learned to stalk the cat and get into the food

Swimming – Hates to be wet
Running – loves to run and be chased by other dogs
Fetching – has no clue what this is
Catching - she eats tennis balls but will not catch them
Jumping – has jumped over an 8 foot fence ( this is a catahoula trait and not a good one)
Agility – love to try to climb trees after the birds Moejoe has a great herding ability and love to heard cattle at the farm
Stamina - Can go all day as long as she can sleep in the bed at night

Bad Habits
Loves to eat socks and cat food, and snores like a train but still cute










"S.A.F.E. Society of
Florida, Inc"
(Saving Animals From Endangerment)










The reunion took place Saturday, March 13th at John Chestnut Park in Palm Harbor. This was 1 year from the date they all left eachother (within a few days).

Thanks to everyone who showed up and Kim for the great birthday cake.

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