I met Monty years ago when I first visited Wolf Park in the winter of 2001. As the staff photographer at Wolf Park, Monty has helped countless photographers get better shots of the wolves over the years but we rarely see any shots of him.


So . . . .


Here's some shots I've taken at both Wolf Park and Wolf Timbers in Ohio who has 3 wolves from Wolf Park. Like Gale, Monty has a wonderful way with the wolves and you can see the wolves just love Monty :-)

Of course, this make me totally jealous LOL


You never know where you'll find Monty trying to get that "Shot of the Day" with Wolfgang
Monty found Ruedi's "Sweet Spot"

What's in the bag Monty? Huh Huh?
What's in the bag?

Wolfgang & Wotan

Handfull of puppy
Monty the Maestro with
Wolfgang and Wotan!
I THINK that's Monty in there
next to Ruedi
Stop & smell the roses but watch out for those fangs!
Wolfgang Pinning Ruedi
Nira and Ingo of Wolf Timbers greet Monty
Monty and Nira
Nira and Ingo of Wolf Timbers greet Monty
Getting a kiss from Ingo
Nira greets Monty
That's one BIG wolf
Too much turmoil so Kailani's going bye bye
Renki, I told you if you got too rowdy it be "Time Out" for you

If you promise to behave Renki, I'll let you back out there



Run for the hills!
Monty fell through the ice!

Thanks for the Memories Monty
and the photos :-)


Wotan & Me, photo by Monty

Nira & Me, photo by Monty


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