Tinker came into my life after a long search for just the right Dobie. Kitty (Kittyhawk) my eldest red, had passed on and after some time I decided I wanted another. I've had Dobies for the past 30 years or so. Leipchen, a beautiful B&T C&D'd female was my first and most special Dobie. She passed on early in life due to stomach torsion late one Halloween night. Back then we had no Emergency Vet Clinics and by the time we realized something was wrong and got a Vet to come in, it was too late. That was a very devastating night I'll never forget.

After Leipchen there were numerous puppies and what I would consider "Rescue" dobies of all colors and ages. They came from owners who grew tired or "Allergic" to the dogs or bred them beyond what they should and just didn't want them any more. Every one of them was a sweetheart in their own right.

When I decided to look for another Dobie, I knew I wanted another B&T C&D'd female. I had seen another young one almost identical to Leipchen at a local dog show. The look in her face, the eyes, the ears and sweet disposition just pulled at my heart. Abbey, my fawn Dobie who just showed up at work one day, also seemed depressed with the passing of Kitty.

Numerous Dobies showed up on line but nothing worked out. They were either adopted by their foster parents, didn't like cats, didn't like Abbey, or were just too active. I was looking for an older, calmer female even though I know their life isn't as long as some.

While checking out another older female, I found out about Tinker. Turned into a South Florida shelter with a 2lb tumor on her stomach. She was rescued from certain death and given a chance at removing the tumor. Transfered to Lake Placid and operated on, she came through with flying colors. The tumor was not cancerous and a full recovery began.

I met Tinker for the first time in a parking lot in Bartow. Midway between my home and Lake Placid where she was fostered by a wonderful and caring gentleman. It was a last second meeting and Gary arrived with Tinker and a couple Dobie buddies in tow. As they say, it was love at first sight. I have to admit, a parking lot in the middle of Bartow late at night is not the best place to do an assessment of a dog but that's the chance I was given and I made the best of it. Tinker was a bit distracted with all that was going on around her and her and Abbey didn't exactly hit it off to begin with. After walking them around together and sitting together on the back of my Jeep for awhile, they made peace with eachother and I decided to give her a chance. There was just something in those eyes that wouldn't let me go. She came home with us that night.

This was the tumor hanging from her delicate frame.

Gary saying goodbye
Tinker and her new Daddy





Abbey and Tinker, wherever I was, they were. I had not one shadow but two.

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Watch Tinker & Abbey Play
You should be able to play the video if you have a Windows Media player or another viewer for avi files. If you have a problem viewing this video, let me know. To get the file size down I had to drop the quality level but you can still get a good idea of how these two played.

Tinker & Abbey avi

Tinker loved to just sit and watch the cats. She was totally facinated with them at first to the point of quivering when sitting and watching them. At first she was very intent at playing with them ( I think as a chew toy) but it only took a firm "NO" for her to get the idea out of her head. I know she thought about it a few times but she was very well self disciplined and would only go as far as to "Nose" them. Luckily, Kitty and Ralph were quite used to being around previous Dobies so they really weren't intimidated by her actions.
and watch . . . .

and watch . . . .

and watch!

Eventually, they just weren't that interesting anymore.
Sometimes, she just liked to hang out with them, and Ralph with her!
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