After Katrina we traveled to New Orleans with a trailer loaded
  with donated computers, office equipment, dog & cat food &
  supplies for the LA-SPCA who lost their entire building as well
  as supplies for Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue (GCDR). What we
  brought back was Tookie, a 10 year old senior Dobie whose  
  chances of being adopted were pretty slim.

Before Katrina, Tookie had numerous medical issues the previous owners apparently didn't want to bother with so they turned her into the local KILL shelter. Luckily GCDR picked her up and took care of her "issues". A sweet old girl but just that, old, and nobody wants an "Old" dog. Except of course, us. You couldn't ask for a better dog at any age.


   Barkus Parade and Tookie was so terrified of the camera flash's she hid out inside the float till it was over

Tookie at our NC cabin


   Riding home from the cabin. Tookie loves to go with us 
   wherever we go, anywhere we go. As long as she's with us
   she's happy to just chill out in the Jeep and sleep while we go
   photograph the local wildlife or browse the antique shops. She
   is our best traveler.
In her new back yard

Cat? What cat? Oh yeah, Ralph is dog safe!


Enjoying a warm sunny afternoon



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