I belong to numerous Rescue and Senior groups online and there's a daily deluge of dogs needing homes. I had gotten a couple e-mails from people I know about fostering her because her situation was not good.

Hi again, Sasha, the beautiful 10 year old who lives with a grey cat, still needs a home. She went off to a home w/mom.dad, and a 14 yr old boy. Since Sasha is partial to men ....it seemed good. Well everything went wrong that could go wrong. Sasha went home with them in the afternoon. The mother-in-law came over with a "pug". Unsupervised play ensued in the fenced in yard until they noticed that the pug's head was all wet. The next morning the dad got the boy off to school and took Sasha for a walk..........then he went off for a 3 hr stint at the firehouse! In the meantime the wife who had worked the night shift went to bed sometime during the early hours and was still sleeping when the man went off to work. When she opened the bedroom door Sasha (who was on the couch!) started barking and growling. The wife called the man home. He took Sasha out to the yard. Sasha was calm at this time. The wife said to take her back! I feel so sorry that these people had no idea how to accept a new dog into their home. Poor Sasha had to be scared out of her wits. Her life has turned completely upside down since her owner died. Ellen has always fed Sasha, but Charlie walked her......Sasha loved Charlie.

Sasha was 10 and not many dogs that old get new homes. Everyone wants a puppy. We decided to follow up on her and took our alpha dog with us to visit her. She was fine with us but we have over 30 years experience with Dobies and multiple dogs in our family. We decided to take her home and make a go of it. She blended in fine with our pack of seniors and only had a spat or two with Darla our alpha.

Sasha was raised with a cat and Ralph proved to be no temptation to her. Ralph has always been around large dogs and is considered dog safe ;-)


Sasha is our Diva, not very social with other dogs but good with people WE'VE found. She wasn't raised around other dogs so has no real pack skills. She was an only, spoiled child. She likes to get in the other dogs face if they get too close and snarl and carry on but we learned quickly this is all for show. Definately a mans dog she quickly adapted to me. She spends most of the time with me when I'm home. When I'm gone she spends almost all the time in the computer room on the multiple beds we have in there except to eat and go potty.

She has a wonderfully deep voice and we've taught her to "Talk Soft". Basically she lets out this low gutteral sound that would give a stranger goose bumps. It took a little while but we have another dog that will do it also and it just took working with her to get down from barking to talking soft. It's really funny LOL

Tookie (New Orleans) and Sasha (Port Charlotte) I call my twin sisters from different mothers. Our oldest girls at 13 & 12. B&T, C&D with similar facial and body features. Sasha tends to be very tolerant of Tookie, maybe because she knows how old she is and she is no threat to her Diva dom.
When we first got Sasha she was skin and bones from not eating. Mourning the passing of her previous owner, she just wouldn't eat very much. She has put on weight as the photos show but still gives us problems eating. When we first saw her you could see all her ribs and her hip bones stuck out noticably. Tall and lanky and light on her feet, she's like a thoroughbred horse when walking with us around the block.
We had to take all the girls with us to our cabin in NC one year because of an outbreak at the boarding facility we normally use. Sasha is NOT a good traveler and whines constantly. We've actually had to drug her with little effect. This is a rare shot of her in the back of the Jeep on Abbeys back with Tookie in the foreground. Below are a couple of shots of her at our cabin.
Sasha went to the Bridge on 6-24-2008, she will be dearly missed


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