Leipchen was my first and most special Doberman. She was a tall girl with tall show cut ears that worked so well with her face. Always a pup, Leipchen refused to grow up. She had a joy for life I haven't seen  in another Dobie since. She was an absolute sweetheart who loved everyone. Water was her playtime passion and could play in the sprinkler for hours. For her, anything to do with water was fun. She is what got me on the road to so many more Dobies over the years.

She was a special girl.

Leipchens Mom, Nicky, 
  such a tiny girl
   Leipchen used to love the water and the sprinkler 
   was her favorite toy
"We're having a baby so we have to get rid of the dog"
did not hold true when my daughter was born

Food agressive? I don't think so!

I didn't want that cereal anyway
Drink? You gotta hose in there???

Hey kid, you have a dirty mouth, let me clean it



Leipchen was a big friendly girl who loved everyone and never had a mean bone in her body. She was special!  


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