Delilah, my first "Rescue". She came from some nice folks who just kept breeding her and breeding her until the process became more than it was worth. Apparently she wasn't producing a good enough litter so she lost her value to them. With me she got a permanent reprieve from motherhood. Originally I got her for a playmate to Leipchen.
Here she is with my daughter. Yeah, another mean Doberman!     Delilah, like Leipchen, didn't have a mean bone in her 
    body and I never had a seconds thought about leaving 
    my daughter with her.
This is as close as she got to motherhood again. Hanging out with the Brat Pack, Sadie & Ramona, after Leipchen passed away.                    Ramona, Sadie and Delilah

Everybody's biting on Delilah  
   Stalking a squirrel
Delilah used to like to sleep with her paws over her nose


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